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Catching A Scare

Hello All,

When a parent has lost a child there is a great sense of panic when the other kids get sick or get Injured. Don't know if any of you have felt this way. I had to learnt this over this past weekend that I will go in full panic mode when my kids says, I'm hurting and starts sobbing". This is compounded when you have an 11 year old autistic son who can't really explain the pain he is feeling.

So my child had been telling me his breast hurt all morning on Nov 13 while in school online. At first it was, "ok, maybe he hit his shoulder while playing but when he started sobbing and continually says "breast hurt" I went into panic mode. Flashback of my child in the hospital and crying while on a ventilator was taking over me.

I'm thinking, I don't want my son to die. I've already lost one child too many. I'm getting ready to call the ambulance or someone to take me to the emergency room with the fear that it is something serious. In the midst of it all I called a friend out of three I'd already contacted including my eldest son. One of my friends who is nurse, texted asking me to look up growth and development for boys during puberty. To be honest I read the text, but my mind was not connecting with reading anything. My anxiety was over was over the roof. My child was in pain, I needed definite answers now.. lol. It was when I called my other girlfriend who is also in the medical field, she said, "Girl, he is going through puberty. That happened to my son around his age. It's all part of that stage......."

It was only then I could breath a sigh of relief. My anxieties and flashback of my experience with my sick child in the hospital almost consumed me. Yes, I caught quite a scare but thankfully my fears were calmed.

I gave him a pain reliever and that was it.

Thanks for reading.

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