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All Good Gifts

As usual, I hope everyone is in good spirits and all are having an amazing day.

Life can get really stressful sometimes but today is a blessing. Why? Because we all woke up this morning to see our loved ones. It could be worse y’all. There are are no tap outs in life... Only in WWF westling.

So smile and make the best of the day. We are still here and we have each other. Breathe, say a prayer, harness positive thoughts, go outside, smell the roses, give a silly joke, tell someone you love them, do something that makes you happy, or do something nice for someone.

To tap out means you have given up, you've succumb to failure. Were we born to quit, to give up. NO! Never may that happen. Feed yourself with positivity, enjoy Jah's creation and savory every moment of every day and be thankful for the big blessings as well as the little blessing. They are all gifts from the Most High God Jehovah.

Positive affirmations everyone.

Remember Risers and Prosperity builders, "No tap outs."

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